A self-taught designer, you could say that a love for creating found Rachael rather than the other way around. Rachael's deep family roots in hospitality and event planning, her innate sense of design, hospitality and grand vision has translated seamlessly to the magical world of weddings and design. At first glance, her signature work evokes a sense of simplicity, and rustic uniqueness while her keen eye and desire for precision have cemented her reputation for innovation and event design.

Clients, colleagues and friends alike admire Rachael for her balanced approach to design and life. She believes in the power of good fun and strong females to make the world go round.

Rachael's goal is to create events and moments for couples and individuals which reflect specifically who they are. ScreenDoor Diaries and Rushing Farms is not only about serving their clients, but partnering with them in sharing in their life and future moments to come.